Meaz DimoZz – គេលែងត្រឡប់ (Ke Leng Trolob) [LYRICS VIDEO]

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“Khmer Original Songs” is a Youtube channel which promote both new and old Khmer original songs composed by our famous composers. Our purpose is to prevent our valuable songs in the past years from disappearance, and we are glade to enforce the new original songs from young composers. We tend to encourage all Khmer production to stop copy even a small part of other cultures, and start our UNIQUENESS.

This channel was officially launched since the beginning of MARCH 2014 in order to help new Khmer composers, especially home studio owners who compose new music and lyrics to promote music for FREE.

PROBLEMS 1: There are so many complain about any song copied from other countries including music, style of dancing, and even performance of actors. Actually, copying from other almost everything is the big problems to our own culture.

Is that true that Khmer cannot compose their own song?

PROBLEMS 2: After our team went to visit 37 studio owners and 50 new-born composers, we found that they have tried to compose new music and lyrics, but most of them are not motivated FINANCIALLY to keep on doing.

They never get paid directly from their music. Actually, they can earn well from performing at the night clubs, restaurants, and live concert. The amount of money they got according to how popular of their songs. What if their songs become popular on the internet? That would be great.

Then, we come up with the idea of FREE promoting their music online. If their music got more and more views, they will get paid higher and higher as well.

About Album:

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